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the Voice of

the Merrimack

the Voice of

the Merrimack

the Voice of

the Merrimack

the Voice of

the Merrimack

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Merrimack River Watershed Council is a local non-profit that focuses on making the Merrimack River cleaner, healthier, and more accessible. 

Our vision is a Merrimack River Watershed where community and nature flourish together.

Our mission is to improve and protect the health of the Merrimack River Watershed for all people and wildlife.


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2 new reports highlight CSO impact on Merrimack

Two newly released reports are shedding new light on the impact that Combined Sewer Overflows are having on the Merrimack River. One report provides a deeper look at how CSOs impact the health of people living in the Merrimack Valley, while the other gives insight...

Tidal rowing club offers convenient way to explore Merrimack

This is an occasional feature on people who paddle, swim, fish, and have fun on the Merrimack River. Are you interested in rowing or paddling on the Merrimack, storing your boat just a few easy steps from the river and meeting people who share your passion for the...

MRWC partners with EPA, local cities on new projects

LAWRENCE & LOWELL -- Making the Merrimack a cleaner and healthier river for future generations to enjoy is a primary goal of Merrimack River Watershed Council, and recently we took part in two events that demonstrated our work and commitment toward that goal. MRWC...

2023: a record-setting year for sewer discharges

MERRIMACK RIVER – The huge rainstorms that hit the region in 2023 triggered a record-setting volume of sewage discharges into the Merrimack River, according to data obtained by Merrimack River Watershed Council. Just over 2 billion gallons of Combined Sewer Overflow –...

Merrimack River Watershed Council awarded $600,000 in pollution suit

CONCORD, NH – The US Department of Justice has awarded a $600,000 settlement to Merrimack River Watershed Council to help fix pollution problems that are harming the health of the Merrimack River.  The settlement spurs from a lawsuit filed two years ago against...

Merrimack’s 2023 sewer discharges break 10-year record

This past summer was an unusually wet one, and all that rain has led to a record-breaking year for sewage discharges into the Merrimack River. MRWC is estimated that so far in 2023, about 1.4 to 1.6 billion gallons of Combined Sewer Overflows, or untreated sewage,...

CALL TO ACTION: Help us pass this important bill to reduce Combined Sewer Overflows 

Many people contact us and ask what they can do to help make the Merrimack River cleaner. Here’s something that is pretty easy to do, and can make a notable impact!  Next week the Massachusetts Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources will be holding...

State releases its first report on sewer discharges

A new state law intended to increase public awareness of sewer discharges into Massachusetts rivers hit an important milestone this week, producing data to help the public gauge how the Merrimack stacks up against other rivers where discharges occur. The Massachusetts...

MRWC names new executive director

MRWC names new executive directorLAWRENCE -- Curt Rogers has joined the Merrimack River Watershed Council as its new executive director. “We are excited to have Curt join the MRWC team,” said board President Sarah Boehm. “Curt's experience leading other non-profit...

Officials to address contamination in Merrimack River with new federal funding

April 25th 2022: MRWC has been awarded $352,000 from Congress to pinpoint sources of pollution along the Merrimack, and to craft "green infrastructure" projects to help prevent contaminants from entering the river. Read the full story from the Lowell Sun.


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