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Herring migrations in the Merrimack

Every spring, thousands of river herring migrate from the Atlantic Ocean up the Merrimack to return to their spawning grounds. It’s a dangerous journey that many do not survive. What’s the status of herring in the Merrimack, and what is being done to restore this important fish species? Click on this box to view a video.

Sturgeon in the Merrimack River

Sturgeon are one of the earth’s most ancient fish species, little changed since the age of dinosaurs. These unusual fish – some of which can grow to 15 feet long – were made nearly extinct in the Merrimack by overfishing and habitat loss. But in recent years there has been a resurgence in their population.  Click on this box to see a video.

Crow Roost on the Merrimack

Every winter, thousands of crows gather nightly along the banks of the Merrimack River in Lawrence to roost for the night. They come from miles around, creating a visual and audio spectacle that is awe inspiring. Why do they do it? Learn more about this special natural phenomenon in this video. Click on this box to see a video.

Dam Removal 101

Why is it beneficial to remove old dams, and what does it take to do the job? There are a lot of benefits to the Merrimack River valley when a defunct dam is taken down. Click on this box to see a video.

Amoskeag: A virtual walking tour

Did you know that Manchester, N.H., has one of the oldest archaeological sites in New England? And have you ever seen the great canals that once powered the city’s mills? Have you ever visited the site of the Merrimack’s greatest waterfall, the Amoskeag? Join MRWC as we take you on a walking tour of this fascinating section of the river.  Click on this box to view a video.

Rock Rimmon and The Pinnacle: A virtual walking tour

Along the Merrimack River you’ll find two unusual natural features, both of them the remnants of the last Ice Age, and steeped in local history and lore. And… both are great places to take a short but rewarding hike! In this video we visit The Pinnacle in Hooksett, and Rock Rimmon in Manchester.  Click on this box to view a video.