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The Science behind the merrimack

In order to protect our drinking water, wildlife, and recreational areas, MRWC provides sound, reliable science to inform policy makers and the public about the conditions of the Merrimack River. Current and quality data on the conditions of our watershed is critical. MRWC labors to collect, analyze and share trusted information about our watershed- from hotspots of bacteria in our waterways to geospatial land-use analysis. We partner with research institutions, federal and state agencies, and a network of non-governmental organizations to streamline our efforts.

The heart of our commitment to science is through our members and volunteers, who are our eyes and ears on the ground. They collect water samples, plant trees, enter data, and observe wildlife. In a watershed that is 117 miles in length, drains 5,000 square miles and provides drinking water to over 600,000 people, we could not do this alone.

Community science is authentic data collection performed by community members who have received the training and resources to gather data in a standardized and reliable way. MRWC staff scientists train volunteers to be a part of our research endeavors. Community science is a powerful tool to increase our knowledge of the natural world and pinpoint the hotspots for needed projects, policy and regulation.

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photo credit: Deb Sciacca-Guelfi

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