Volunteers needed for tap water testing project

Are you concerned about contaminants that may be in the drinking water that comes out of your home faucets?
Join us Tuesday, February 20, at 7 pm at Lawrence Public Library, 51 Lawrence Street, to learn about how you can take part in a regional project that will test your water for heavy metal contaminants such as lead and copper. You’ll learn how to collect water samples from your taps (it’s easy!), and the results of those tests will be provided to you for free.
Merrimack River Watershed Council is working with the University of Massachusetts Lowell to find hundreds of people in the region who are interested in having their tap water tested. The project’s ultimate goal is to develop a handheld device that people can use to test drinking water for a wide variety of contaminants, such as heavy metals and other pollutants. The sample provided by volunteers will help validate and improve this new technology.
The project is limited to people who live in Andover, Dracut, Lawrence and Lowell. Volunteers will collect water samples from their home taps and submit them for testing. Participants will be provided with results of the test.
Preregistration is not required, however it’s helpful if we know that you are interested in attending. If you’d like to attend (or if you’d like to be involved in this project but can’t attend this meeting), please email John Macone at jmacone@merrimack.org