The Pinnacle hike (Rescheduled)

A short but steep climb with a once world-renowned view (now partly obscured by trees), Pinnacle Peak is a small park nestled in the town of Hooksett with a big feature: a 400-foot-tall granite outcropping revealing a sweeping vista of the area at its top. Petting zoos, brickyards, Henry David Thoreau, ore prospecting, giant ice sheets, and watch towers are some of the major highlights this peak has seen through its existence. Come hike the highest point closest to the Merrimack River, and learn about the human and geologic history of Pinnacle Park.
This is a free event, but registration is required. Please register through this link:…/s/hZMQZk-mRS_WXDpRLP2alg
Attendance is limited to 15 people, including children.
Please submit one registration per attendee.
This event is part of MRWC’s “Hiking the Merrimack” series of outdoor hiking events.