Merrimack Landscapes

Andrew March

“This photo was taken at the mouth of the Merrimack River, where it meets the Atlantic. The photo is of the Milky Way and meteors over the night sky in the pre-dawn hours of March 13, 2021.”


People in Nature

Laura Kozlowski

“This photo was clicked in front of Lowells Boathouse, I love how dramatic the skies were and how Rick just kept rowing despite the rain.”


Julia Ladner

“I took this photo last year when I discovered a local area where foxes were playing. I took this photo because I thought it was extremely adorable to see am adult fox raising their babies. Teaching them to hunt, play, and be safe in nature. It’s super important to keep a safe distance for yourself, and the animals. I use a 600mm Nikon lens and this photo is cropped.


Paul Buckley

“My wife and I had just been kayaking at Winning pond in Billerica. She had already pulled out when I noticed a gosling entangled in a mess on the fishing line. I was unable to assist in freeing it as the adult goose was very protective so I observed from a distance. By swimming back into the pond the bird was able to free itself. “


MRWC is  excited to announce the winners of 2021 photo contest!

Thank you all for your participation.